About EightCrazy Designs


Short Version: I’m walking away from EightCrazy Designs and Jessica Barnard from The Pixelista is taking over all of my themes and theme support as of August 1, 2013. Please visit her over on her sight to see the themes and view her portfolio.

The Pixelista

Long Version:
I was on a bike ride with my son the other day out enjoying the sunshine when God spoke to my heart and gave me clear direction. Just before we left I had checked my email and saw a handful of emails that were work/theme related. I didn’t even read them. I just walked out the door and went on the bike ride. He had already been waiting for me a for a few hours while I was at my school job.

About halfway through the bike ride I was overwhelmed by the words, “Walk away. Give it up.” I was immediately overcome with tears, because I knew what God was talking about, and I had had these experiences before. You know…the one’s where God clearly tells you to do something you DON’T really want to do. Something that requires you to walk away from something you love. Something that has defined you. Something that you have high ownership of. But you know God is sovereign, and you TRUST him always in all things.

As quickly as the tears came, I pushed them back and tried to ignore the experience I had just had. I wasn’t quite ready to listen. I finished the bike ride and enjoyed a treat with my son. We headed home and he proceeded to play with friends while I headed inside and checked the emails I had previously ignored. It was kind of crazy. They weren’t questions or things I had to DO. They were simply emails from a few different people telling me how much they love my themes and wanting to show me their sites. It was almost like Satan was baiting me. I’m a words of affirmation girl after-all. I proceeded to do the dishes and as I was doing the dishes, again….”Walk away. Give it up.”

What was I supposed to walk away from and give up? EightCrazy Designs. I kind of went into the ugly cry all by myself in the kitchen while I kept doing the dishes. I was taking some deep breaths as waves of sadness overwhelmed me. But other realities overwhelmed me as well. I needed to walk away from something that was only going to leave my kids with memories of me sitting at a computer. I needed go give up the financial control and independence it afforded me in my marriage. I needed to give up something that provided an identity in my life that was ultimately self serving. There were mixed emotions of sadness, fear, rebellion and even relief going through my mind all at the same time. I KNEW what God was telling me to do. But I also KNEW that I was currently the only one who KNEW. I started thinking…I HAVE to tell Todd right when he gets home, because I can’t start justifying things, making excuses and push God’s direction aside. RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT the phone rang. It was my husband, Todd. Don’t you just LOVE how God works? I sure do! I told Todd all that had just happened. He listened and affirmed me. Once I hung up the phone the emotions settled from mixed to relief. Amazing how once we surrender to God, he totally takes care of us and sets us in HIS direction.

I’m ready to walk away, give it up and see what God has in store for me and my family.

After some conversations with Jessica from The Pixelista we have come to an agreement and she will be taking over the themes. I’m excited that they will live on, and excited because I know Jessica will love them like they are her own little theme babies!

I have enjoyed this journey immensely. Thank you to all of you who purchased my themes and encouraged me along the way.